Eufy Cam 2 - Accessories

 Just installed the Eufy Cam 2 here in Ontario, Canada today. Very simple, piece of cake.Very happy so far, we’ll see how it does in Canadian winters .
 Does anyone know of any accessories can be used with this camera?

Sun or wind shade? Silicone skins? Can’t seem to much out there.

Thanks John

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Hi Ewasick,
Thank you for choosing eufy. Silicone skin and solar panel are comming soon!
I believe you will enjoy those. Let us look forward together!

wow cannot wait to see the solar panel for charging…I am also in Ontario, Canada and the camera has stood the first winter with no issues.

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I would like to see some new camouflage UV protected silicone skins for eufy 2c and eufy 2.

Can wait for a polar panel!! That will be awesome!

The solar panel would be so useful because I have a camera in a high traffic area that sometimes gets 100 motion triggers a day and it dies a lot faster than the one that is not in a high traffic area.

That’s a pretty good idea

Hi! I’ve just bought two Cam2 and one of them will be almost all day y a sunny wall. I live in Andalusia (Spain) so sometimes the temperature is almost 40ºC.

Is the silicone skin a good protection for this camera? Is it already available?

Thank you