Eufy battery doorbell wont charge past 50%

Hi All

Just bought a new Eufy battery doorbell in UK, set it up and then plugged it into my homebase 2 to charge using the supplied USB cable. When it was plugged in at 11pm last night it was 30%, I woke up this morning and checked it and it was only 49% at 7am. As of now at 15:00 it is on 50% which it has remained at since 8am this morning.

The icon shows it is charging and shows the animated cycling green charging bar from left to right, all signs that it is supposed to be charging.

It appears there is something not quite right and i was hoping somebody could suggest some solutions to get this unit charged, or whether you suggest I send it back for a refund?

Ive turned everything off so the unit is effectively not using the battery but no change

Not a good starting experience for me!

Seems like a defective device. I would suggest write to support for a replacement.

Have you tried a different USB cable? That’s a quick and easy test to ensure you haven’t got a bum one and lots faster than waiting for a new doorbell. Also, its possible the homebase might not be putting out enough current, so if you have a 5 volt/2 amp phone charger, try that and see if it does any better. That is the same rating as the homebase so it should work just as well.