Eufy battery Doorbell T8210 v2.2.3.3 ghost rings randomly

Got this doorbell a couple of weeks ago throwing out the Ring that preceded it due to privacy concerns. It is hardwired into 24v transformer with existing electro-mechanical chime. I got the battery operated version because it allows you to use your existing doorbell if you wire it in.

Everything works great except the door chime rings randomly when no one is ringing the doorbell. This is annoying because it wakes up the kids in the middle of the night.

The ring actually sounds different, when its phantom. A real ring, when someone is actually pressing the doorbell, goes: Ding - 1 second delay - Dong. A phantom ring goes DingDong, real quick. So at least we are not running to the door anymore when it happens during the day. But…

I wanted to try to see if it also rings the Homebase 2 but I can’t test this as it is installed in the garage for the best reception for the doorbell and the perimeter cameras we have. What I can say is that there are no events recorded in the app when this happens.

I search the forums and found this: Eufy Video Doorbell - random rings in the middle of the night but its not the same doorbell and setup so I started a new topic.

What can I do? Do I just send it in as a warranty case or is there something that can be done?

Is this a known issue?

Ok, the issue was solved by changing the voltage to 12 volt on the transformer. For some reason with 24 volt it does this phantom ring. With 12 volt problem gone.

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Same issue here, but with 8v transformer still have this issue, its very annoying.

I have the same issue. Happened about 5 times in the last year, but the last one was at 03:15!
I was going to expand my setup with one of the new outside light cameras, and the new base, but this, along with the fact that my ‘just out of warranty’ 2C Pro has water ingress, has made me reconsider Eufy as a brand that I trust.

Did it actually solve the problem? I have a 12v transformer and it ghost rings sometimes.