Eufy battery doorbell - constant sound lag / delay in playback


I recently purchased the 2k battery doorbell, the homebase is setup via ethernet.

Everything seems to be working as it should, although I am having problems with the sound.

If I answer my door from my phone, there is a delay from when I speak to when that is played through the doorbell - I had read about this before the purchase and I can live with that.

The issue I am having however is that the sound on all saved clips / doorbell rings / motion detections is delayed by about 1-2 seconds. This is consistent throughout every single video.

I had read somewhere that changing the video settings from high to low might fix this but this didn’t make a difference for me.

As I say, the homebase is connected to the router with an ethernet cable and the doorbell has great WiFi signal.

Has anyone else had this and is there a fix? I have searched these forums but can’t see a similar post and I have tried contacting Eufy but had no response.

Please help!

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I have serious delays when someone rings the doorbell. I cant even get a video feed. Horrible. Seems like Eufy is having a lot of problems with all sorts of devices. What are they doing over there? are they are in Quarantine? :o/

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Is there already a solution?

I have a new doorbell (battery) to homebase2. I receive a notification of doorbell press, but it is 10-15 seconds before I can the app will respond to my request to see the video and interact with the caller, by which point, they are walking off!
I have seen lots of comments about lagging and delays, is this just the wireless version?


Audio delay on all my recorded videos has been an issue ever since installing my battery camera (wired). I’m sure Eufy (Anker) are aware of this, but obviously don’t consider it a priority problem, even though the end users do!

Similar problems here:

  • Live audio feed: impossible to have a conversation, because it constantly stutters
  • Audio recording: strangely, audio recording works just fine.

I have attached a video showing the audio recording vs. the live feed of the exact same moment.

Audio recording:

Live feed:


Yes very similar here too.

Please sort this eufy


For me the live audio hardly works unless I mute the doorbell upon opening the live feed then re start the audio. So I can only speak through the doorbell really consistently when I press mute on the doorbell audio.

Surely this can be sorted with a firmware update?

Otherwise maybe only 10% success rate :frowning:

Here the same stutter sound problem like yours. Live feed is always with stutter, but when i watch in Live stream mode and i push the record button so it save the video on my Iphone or Ipad the video and sound is just fine without any stutters? The same with saved video’s on my Homebase 2, they are always good quality video and without stutters. Please fix this live stream stutters problem! I can not talk to people standing at my door.

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I confirmed with others who bought the camera around the same time. They also started getting the problem after the last update to the homebase. This is so annoying.

Eufy please fix this as your reputation is on the line here…

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Interesting video here by ‘The Gadget Show’ in the U.K. comparing doorbells. They too encountered a lag on the audio…

Exactly the same here: A very annoying delay between the video and the audio. Both in the live feed and in the recordings. The delay is also there when downloading a video (on my iPhone) from the Eufy app to my local video-album and playing it from there.

Having a direct audio-channel with the person at the door is a great feature. But this is currently at the the point of being unusable and I am thinking of returning my Eufy.

(B.t.w. I bought the Eufy Wireless Doorbell in February, so I have no experience with the pre-February firmware)

Call to Eufy: Please acknowledge and fix this issue a.s.a.p.

The same here! The sound is only good at low video quality. The umpteenth problem! it makes me completely sick. Google integration where nothing is done by Eufy, Video delay of more than 20 seconds when you stream to a TV.
And Eufy didn’t respond to anything. I regret buying the doorbell …


I have the exact same problem.
Unfortunately I ran the update before testing the initial firmware so do I have no idea if the previous version worked fine. I really hope they fix this as I’m quite happy with the rest and would hate to have to buy another brand.

Eufy, please update your software! Horrible sound experience.

Same issue here. Out of sync audio with live feed and recordings.
Please fix this.

same issue, after last software update, the sound and delay in live response is no longer working. please provide another software update to fix this. i thought upgrading modem to flipable 2.4 & 5 Ghz would help with range and thoroughput, but didn’t…already peaked at max…noticed tv’s wifi improved but not Eufy’s. thx

We are having similar problems sometimes we don’t get some video of people coming up to thr door it happened today with the postwomen

9 days ago, I received the following response on my support ticket:

Thank you for your feedback.

The engineering team is now starting the program to work on this case, we will keep you updated once the new firmware is ready.

So sorry for keeping you waiting. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

I guess this is positive, but since this issue seems to occur for almost everyone, I think it’s probably wise to keep on pushing them to make it clear that this is NOT an edge-case.


I installed my video door bell yesterday. I am also noticing the same issue. My video also stutters in live feed but not when recording.
I can’t say if this has been caused by the update as both the Door Bell & Homebase self updated following installation.
The thing that isn’t impressing me it the lack of commitment being shown by eufy customer support.
I maybe forced to return my Door Bell if they don’t show some interest in the issues being mentioned here