Eufy app/website for camera viewing

Hello Eufy!

Please create a PC Viewing app or website like Arlo. This is nice because you can check in on your cameras from your computer instead of needing your phone!



And an Apple TV app would be awesome.


Yes it would!!

There is a web portal that you want
Hopefully this helps


Website won’t load for me. Just redirects to the download the app.

It only works on PC. Tried it out today and it works good!

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This is quite disappointing since a Windows App was announced to be available before 2020.

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The web portal on a desktop isn’t great… but I personally think a Mac app would be great, and probably wouldn’t require much work as Apple now allows all iPad apps to work (in a limited fashion) on a Mac as a universal binary. The Twitter Mac app is an example.


I agree that the web portal is not great (Adobe Flash :-1:). I use an emulator app on the Mac called Bluestacks that allows running the Android version of Eufy Security. Need to login to your Google account since Bluestacks relies on Google Play and Bluestacks is for Android gaming. Need to download an app called AppKiwi that downloads the Eufy app and installs it into Bluestacks. Works pretty well. Bluestacks is a little slow to launch on slower Macs, but the Eufy app runs fine and you have all of the Eufy app functionality. Anker/Eufy: PLEASE port your iOS app to Mac, Catalyst has been out for awhile now.


I would also like to see a Apple TV app.


I would also want to see the Mac app.

The requirement for Adobe Flash, already a security risk, is rapidly becoming problematic since Flash EOL is approaching at the end of 2020.

Flash EOL

An alternate in browser display approach is needed.

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Flash is simply not a usable web technology anymore, and the last bits of it will be stripped out of Chrome in a few months. Anker needs to address this before Flash becomes completely unavailable. Forcing customers to run old versions of security-hole-ridden browsers and old flash player is not a direction it should go.


Seems the web portal only allows viewing recordings. Need to support live views, if you aren’t going to provide a PC or Mac app.

There’s an app fro Mac BUT it doesn’t work because of the 2FA. The Mac app didn’t send he 2FA code by email or text :frowning:

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I just downloaded the mac app and it prompted me for 2fa however not sure at this point cant download indoor camera content or view the content but the clips show up and say not support

Please use HTML5 (defined in 2014!) so users can use the website for camera viewing without a risky software like Flash. For a securty company this should be the first choice.

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Any updates on this situation? It is now 1 Oct, so we are three months away from flash support ending.

Replying to this thread - I can now view the doorbell camera through the website. Thank you for the update! If this was announced, I missed it - just happened upon it, but it is appreciated.

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I totally agree with you! I think they use it still because of being a cheap fast process and not having to do a lot with other methods. Plus we know how shady Flash is and insecure as well.:roll_eyes: