Eufy App SD card Playback running circle crash

The new Eufy app 464-1686 for Android cannot let user scroll backward from continuous recording. it will just display running circle.

Looks like Eufy blank out 3 minutes of recordings before the event.
user will just see a running circle if you try to access recording just before the yellow marker of events.

Anyone got Android app v 4.6.7?? on their tablet?
4.6.7 suppose to fix Play back running circle issue

no one??

android 4.6.9 improved a very small bit.

With different Android version and device, Same problem.
RUNNING CIRCLE AT playback sd card.

SEEMS NO ONE USING Eufy Android app?

Iam using the Android app and don’t have that problem. Is your app up to date?

Latest app, Android 13, sir.
Old device, Android 9, same problem.

Devices are from different manufacturer.

I recorded vid but too big to post or email even short time.

Today access to SD card will crash the eufy app… Android device

New issue

Event Page won,t update. Just running circle now.
Probably server issue.

AnDroid version App really needs a good look.

Playback with sd card is just has no control.
Won’t allow user to move pointer just before orange mark. U can see the timeline just before. It will just jump

Now No longer allow to be able to access sd card with Android app.

Ios app access is ok.

Eufy Android app crash every times slide to sd card Playback.

Seems now there is Eufy server problem.

Still crash with running circle