Eufy Any update on outdoor Siren Alarm? Please like need to show them how many people waiting

I think many people most who have eufy security systems are waiting for outdoor siren alarm. Just not everyone says this.


I’m waiting for this too. Come on eufy


Me too. Waiting for the outdoor sirene!

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I need a siren outdoor and indoor. Homekit plz, and activated for any device detection. Camera indoor/outdoor, presence detector, magnetic, etc

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Also waiting for an outdoor siren before I purchase the alarm kit….

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I have been waiting since April last year and still no news which surprises me seeing that Eufy are only intrested in sales without support, if they did read the forum surely by now knew that customers with existing systems need the siren and developing an outdoor siren would be more revenue for their company.

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Im waiting to indoor one is no good my tv is louder will buy more products if you get the siren out

I’m waiting…let’s go Eufy!

Ummm I’ve just purchased outdoor cam with sirens, why is everyone still waiting they’ve been out for months…timaru, sth Island nz

I have emailed Eufy several times requesting an outdoor siren, they still say it is in the pipeline but with no date. Surely it cannot be that difficult!!

Come on Eufy we need an external siren, please

Still waiting for this too.

You obviously don’t know what you’re speaking about!
Yes cameras have inbuilt alarms, but Eufy do not produce an Outdoor Siren, no matter where in the world you are located.
It may be worth you reviewing Eufy’s produce range to expand your limited knowledge.

I also need an outdoor siren urgently! Eufy is collecting request for this item to see if there are enough people who want this. To my opinion a proper alarm system has standard an outdoor siren or other loud alarm. Please! Please! Please!

Homebase cameras have the option to have all cameras sound alarms at the same time. This helps…Buttttt…. The ding dong software people don’t allow you to turn it off with a mode change. So unless you want your cameras alarming in unison 24/7 (even when you don’t have alarms active)…. You need to turn this on and off every day. Idiots. They clearly don’t use their own gear.

Give us a loud external alarm (waterproof) or fix the software. Or both!

The if/then needs to be *** if: cam A alarms——then ? (Not if cam A senses motion) Or simply let’s us activate/deactivate automations on mode change. Really sad.

i think there is no any update on outdoor siren alarm. but if you have any issue regarding eufy device, you can contact with eufy customer support

Someone on a different thread posted this. Hopefully its real. Looks legit.

According to the FCC filing, it is a thing:
Anker Innovations Limited eufy Outdoor/Indoor Siren T8970


Yes please!!