Eufy 3C S380 HomeBase Ignore Notifications does not work

I have a Eufy 3C 300 2 camera setup with S380 HomeBase.

I have all 4 family members set as familiar faces, and the HomeBase Ai can generally recognise the family member correctly.

I have also set “Ignore Notifications” to On and ticked all 4 family members so as not to be sent pointless notifications of the family ( Familiar Faces ) coming and going.

However I still get notifications every-time the camera detects someone, even though it correctly detected that it was a family member defined by a familiar face.

That means "Ignore Notifications” does not work, and its not because it has only detected an unidentified Human, because the notification it sends me has my ( or my families ) correctly Ai recognised name on it.

The "Ignore Notifications” function does not work and needs to be fixed.

The only reason I purchased the 3C model was that bit had Ai facial recognition and I could avoid constant pointless notifications of my own family, only to find "Ignore Notifications” does not work.

I could have purchased the 2C Pro at near half the cost, and didn’t because I expected the 3C Ai to be able to filter out notifications of familiar faces.

That surely is THE ONLY POINT OF HAVING Facial Recognition, I am very disappointed, and Eufy need fix this software to make "Ignore Notifications” do what it says it should do.


I have the same problem though I kept my Eufycam C2 pro when I upgraded to the Homebase 3.
My husband’s and my faces are recognised by the AI but notifications are sent anyway.
When I enable the « ignore notification » feature, the notification I’m sent doesn’t include the name of the familiar person though in the thumbnail it is correctly identified when I go in the list of recordings.
When I disable the feature, I still get the notifications (of course) but the name of the person who was recognised is mentioned .

When I asked Eufy, they replied to me:
« Considering the security properties of the device, the current settings and functions of your device are normal, so we are sorry that we cannot optimize this situation through other settings at present, sorry for the inconvenience.

We understand your frustration about not being able to see your product suggestion come to fruition.

What we can do is tag your ticket as product feedback for our team to consider in the future.We’d also encourage you to submit a detailed use case in our product development forum. The more upvotes it gets, the more visibility it will have with the product team. »

It would be nice if Eufy team was looking into the queries in this forum

If you found the means to make the feature work, can you explain how you managed to do it, please?

I’m sure a lot of people would be interested.

I’m residing in France, so maybe, European laws prevent the feature to be performing how it should.

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Same problem with the 3

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Yes, now I can confirm, because I bought one eufycam 3 C and though the resolution is quite better, I’m still getting notifications when I activate the « ignore notifications » setting.

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You are all very lucky.I do not get any audio or visual notifications since I did the Firmware update Eufy told me to do when the S300 cameras and S380 Homebase 3 a day after the system was up and running andwas installed.I have had Shane helping and although he has been quick to talk about my “fault” Eufy seem to be blaming my Samsung S33 5G phone is the problem.If they are so sure it not the Firmware just tell me what the cause is please.I’m a retired electronics development engineer and its so frustrating have a potentially brilliant CCTV system with such a fundamental Flaw. .

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Yes Eufy please find a way to make the ignore notifications feature work better. As it is right now it makes the notifications worse as it still sends me someone was detected but doesnt tell me who it detected with it on. I want it to where if I have it on and the AI detects a familiar person I dont receive any notifications at all. I would be ok if that meant a delay in the notifications.

I’ve an issue where my page Eufy 2C Pro cameras failed to record motion events during specific hours of the day. Despite ensuring the motion detection zones and sensitivity settings were correctly configured, I still missed crucial footage during those periods. This issue seemed intermittent, and it left me concerned about the security coverage.