Eufy 2K Pan and Tilt not recording anymore

Anyone having recording issues with the pan and tilts? It used to record non stop whenever a pet comes into the area but now it just ignores them even freshly into a scene with no other motion.
Plus a side note, what are the status LED glossary? Like after set up it blinks blue still.
Flat red light.
A status LED with it blinking red,blue and off.
I can’t find what these mean anywhere.

Yeah in the recorded sections, there’s usually highlighted sections. I literally have my dog in the room with the camera. It said it’s thing when it detects pets and didn’t record the pet activity. Aka no highlighted sections in the pre-recorded bits.

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I feel I solved my own issue. It’s not recording because of the “Schedule” in security tab. If you’re not in away or home mode. Whatever has the recording feature on. It won’t even record. Just says it sees movement.

We would like to help you verify the details of the problem, please feel free to contact us via provide your device’s SN number and add some descriptions if it’s convenient for you.

Same issues here, I have two of them covering both sides of my living room. I can’t see it being a software problem, because only one camera is doing it and both got the update. I have tried rebooting camera, Resetting Camera, Changed SD Card to Samsung Endurance Pro SD Card made for Security cameras that constantly record and still nothing happens.

The camera that is bad tells me I have 25 recordings, while the camera that has no issues recording tells me it has 99 recordings.

Also when I go to the Camera that has recording issues and tells me it has 25 recordings, it only shows me 3 recordings.

I will be calling them up soon. Hopefully they will have a fix for this.

I got an offer for $42 to purchase more cameras, but I held back because of such premature issues, which are Major when it comes to a recording security camera.