Eufy 2K Pan and Tilt homekit issue with Power Off

When enabled Homekit the button to put Camera Off doesn’t work. At Eufylife APP is down, but the cam doesn’t park and still streaming to Homekit.

I need the ability to shut down the cam without the need of unplug.


I have brought this issue up with support via email. The answer was no answer, but they asked for saved video clips of the issue… I don’t think their comprehension of the issue is quite there yet.

I’m still inside of the return window. If I can find the box, I’ll probably be sending back and waiting a while for them to work out the kinks. That or I’ll just keep a cup over the camera until I’m about to leave the house.

I’ve thought about the smart outlet, but I’m not going to buy something else to act as a bandaid for their product to work properly. Plus I don’t have the outlet space.

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If you want to disable the camera in homekit you need to adjust the streaming and recording options to off in the Apple Home app.

But this action don’t park, hide, the cam like when HK is disabled. It’s not the same.


I too would like to see this option. I can do the rest from the Eufy app. I bought 4 and don’t like that they won’t park. Even through homebridge you can stop a Ring Cam by disabling motion detection. Not perfect and your left with a annual fee, but an option. I may just add the cheap smart plugs to solve the issue. So long as the cameras reconnect when I want that’s probably what I will do.