Eufy 2k indoor downloads

I discovered how to download from SD card, its clumsy but seems to work
Go to the playback screen, and pause playback
1 place timeline marker where you want to begin download
2 tap the record button
3 increase the speed to 16x
Its a very clumsy method but seems to work
4 tap stop recording when you’ve downloaded the section you need, it will be saved to your gallery
There is a short video I made to help
link below
Also at

I contacted Eufy, they are aware its not a great method, and said that they may fix it in the future.

Appreciate the workaround. A little strange that all of that is required, but glad there is an option on android without pulling the card.

Pulling the card won’t work. Card is formatted Ext4 and video clips are encrypted. You can’t access the clips unless you use the app to authenticate.

Its that way on purpose to protect your files. Eufy is working on a PC app that may offer a solution to fix this. Don’t know where it is in the pipeline.

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Ext4 isn’t a barrier, but encryption would be. Protecting my files needs to include easy ways for me to get to my own files, so that would help.

But that means that, right now, for all the promise of on premise recording - if the app is pulled from the store, I have no access. Not a great thing.

The other option for local retrieval is using RTSP and saving the files to a NAS. That works for indoor cams now. It does transfer the files locally unencrypted. So they would be viewable on a NAS and anything that can access it.

Eufy has the PC app and a option to use the homebase port to retrieve video clips. Both these have been mentioned as in the works. The Homebase option wouldn’t help indoor cam or floodlight users, but the PC app could.

I am guessing that the reason local storage is taking so long for the homebase is that the hardware doesn’t support doing on the fly decryption and its normal work at the same time. Not everything can be solved with software updates if the underlying hardware isn’t there.

I haven’t tried the Mac app yet, but it is supposed to support downloading clips from what I have read. Maybe I’ll get out my dusty Mac Mini and see if it works.

RTSP is probably what I would like to set up. I want to place cameras and arm them in places where I am not so worried about privacy concerns, so unencrypted across my network isn’t an issue.

I thought of this a few days ago. At 16x it doesn’t work. 2-4x does though it seems