Eufy 2K Indoor and 2K PTZ cameras losing RSTP streams constantly but work fine in Eufy app

Hello, I recently purchased eight eufy cameras and they work great inside the Eufy iOS app but we use Blue Iris to monitor all of our cctv cameras and the Eufys do not work well in BI because the rstp streams go offline too often.

The cameras are setup correctly and always work great in the app and also work great in blue iris about 50% of the time only.

We have other brand cameras whose rstp streams work great on blue iris all day and night so why are the Eufys so inconsistent and how can I fix them?

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BTW the cameras are all up to date according to the ‘about device’ pages which shows
System version with no further updates available.

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Same here, but i’ve been having problems with ispy. I’ve got 2 camera’s setup. 1 keeps cutting out constantly (also in the app it drops the stream from time to time) and in the ispy agent it goes offline recovers comes back online and so on so forth.

Sometimes i even need to disable rtsp stream and enable it to get it working again.

This is very frustrating to say the least. I’ve read from other users of having the same issue so it’s deintley a problem with the Eufys and not our cctv apps.

I really hope that there’s a new firmware in the works asap!

Make sure you guys have it set to continuous recording otherwise the rtsp stream will only activate when there is motion :slight_smile:

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Yes I have all of mine set to continuous recording. I’m sure that the problem has to be the firmware because I can always fix the streaming issue by turning off rtsp and then turning it back on.