Eufy 2K Full Review

Overall I’m very impressed with the Eufy 2K wired doorbell. Image quality is superb compared to the Ring pro which comes at a higher price. It’s also worth mentioning you get a lot more bang for your buck as this comes with a wireless chime as well. I think the 2 way audio works really well compared to the ring. Although there are are a couple of things I think could be improved, one being the pin release security lock if this could be changed to a tamper proof screw similar to the ring pro I would feel less anxious about it being stolen. I would also like to see compatibility with the homebase in the future to improve storage as it gets used very quickly which is understandable for a 4gb SD card. I’m also aware of the 2K pro in the United States and I’m eager to try this as it has a 32gb SD card with 5 day recording. I also love the fact you do not have to pay for any cloud storage which is a major advantage over other competitors please please keep this available Eufy!