Eufy 2k Dual Doorbell Cam T8213 will not sync to App.

EUFY Dual 2k Battery Powered Video Doorbell. No sync after battery dies??? HELP!!! This is my second doorbell that has done this. Battery goes to ZERO! Not 5%, not 1%. Battery dies, camera shuts down in app. Charge batter for 12 hours, it will not sync! You can hold that Sync button on back for 10 seconds, 10 hours, 10 minutes, it will never beep… Someone, somehow, please help. This is not my only Eufy camera. I have a total of 7 different Eufy cameras on my home. I have reset the app, updated the app, force closed the app. It’s not the app. The doorbell will not make a BEEP! THIS ALREADY happened to the first one I bought, and Eufy sent me a brand new one. 3 to 4 months later, Same Issue!!! I must be doing something wrong. It can not be the unit, it has to be me!! I have two of the single camera doorbells (T8210) no issue with those. I reconnected one of them 3 days ago, it was sitting outside DEAD, for 3 weeks. Charged it up, and it automatically connected. But for some reason, the dual video 2k door bell will not!!! ( if you are reading this you will notice I like to use exclamation points)

Model - T8213

Please any advice??? I have to be doing something wrong, unless it is a Bug in the dual doorbell…

EUFY Dual 2k Battery Powered doorbell. will not sync after battery dies. - YouTube