Eufy 2k doorbell offline

Just got a replacement doorbell 2k and I am having the same issue of it being offline on the app. Even though there is images in the background. Can anyone help here

Stupid question but have you gone into the app and is it switched to on?

Wifi strength?

Yeah it’s on, it connects to the WiFi when I install it and everytime I ring the doorbell it records a image . But it just shows it offline for some reason

Also in the settings it doesn’t show my IP address

Showing that it’s not connected to wifi on the left.

Click on the icon wheel and screenshot it?

Have you tried taking down the DB and trying see if it works next to the Homebase.

If not try hold the button on the back for 5 seconds to reset.

Tried to see is both doorbell and HB are up to date.

It’s the wired door bell will it work next to the homebase2?

Ok thought you were talking about the battery 2k doorbell.

Is the power supply right ?

Yeah it is . I don’t know if I need to change the settings in my modem

Can ask what the power supply is to the doorbell?

Same problem here, doorbell goes offline multiple times

Same here, just bought it. When i restart the homebase it reconnects. But after a while it goes offline again… 2k doorbell and got it wired.

My doorbell go’s offline several times a week.
I am getting crazy about this device.
It will not reconnect by it’s self and therefore i have to reconnect by pushing the little button on the back off the doorbell.

Wifi is oké, the eufy base is 2 m away from the doorbell, the blue led on the base is always blue.

Is there already a solution for this problem or can a beter send the set back to the store and ask my money back.

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Any luck fixing this? I’m about to chuck this thing in the garbage and buy another brand of doorbell.

I’m having the exact same problem, constantly going offline, but the cameras don’t always just the doorbell.