Eufy 2K doorbell missing alerts...Why?

I have the Eufy 2k wireless doorbell (running wirelessly) with the Homebase 2 )connected via ethernet to my router) and thought that everything was working perfectly.

But then I just came home and it did not trigger the alert, nor record the event!

It completely missed me or what?

The mode was set to “Home”… But that’s the mode it has been in all day and it was recording events up until this failure.

Is it because it’s recognising my phone/location or something, or something more sinister?


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I have exactly the same setup and mine has done the exact same thing for the last 3 days. Very random.

I have same set up. Only installed a few days ago. It’s not triggering the chime I’ve set up on my mobile phone via the app, so I’m wondering whether I should return it.

I have the 2c pro cameras too and same thing.

I love the clarity of the footage, but the system doesn’t seem to be delivering as expected.

I also am concerned, after reading other comments, by the possibility that thieves may remove devices easily and delete my footage and Ring offer a replacement doorbell if it gets stolen.

Does eufy look at this forum???

Incredible that a company who brands itself as a home security company can continue to sell products at such a premium price point that just don’t work.



Would you mind responding?

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