Eufy 2k Battery Doorbell Unreliability

I bought the Eufy 2k battery powered doorbell 2 months ago and sometimes it works absolutely fine but other times it just ignores motions. I will say about 10% of the time it just ignores to provide me with a notification to say someone is at the door or record the motion of someone. However on other days it will pick the exact motion it didn’t pick up the previous day. Does anyone know why it does this? Or how to fix this? I have tried using different setting of sensitivity, all motion rather than human, setting activity zones. But it doesn’t make sense as some days it will pick all motions and other days it will ignore some. I understand that their are good features on the bell and pros compared to other bells but not picking motion detection sometimes surely is a key element. I am considering returning the doorbell and going for Ring instead.

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Yes I have found this too, mine is positioned at my front gate and yesterday a delivery guy walked straight up to the doorbell and opened and walked through the gate and the doorbell never recorded it, and the sensitivity was set second from all motion, if I set it to all motion it records everytime a cloud passes and the light changes. Unfortunately I can’t recommend this doorbell to anyone.

I have been having the same problems can get live view but no recording of deliveries I thought mbe it was the freezing weather that was causing it time they got it fixed for us

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Yeah I think its really annoying. I am going to return mine and try out Ring to see if the problems disappear.

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The idea that someone can walk right up to the bell and it not be recorded is what I find the worst thing. The main reason for me to have the doorbell is that it records anyone approaching my door


@himesh_89 Agreed. One of my biggest complaints on the Eufy 2K battery doorbell is when it begins to record for 5 seconds catches a person getting close to the doorbell…and then stops recording, LOL!!! My Eufy cameras do this from time to time, but the doorbell does it often!! :man_facepalming:t2:

Yep I have the same problem where the doorbell stops recording even though the person is still in front of it. Its supposed to record for atleast a minute but instead I get 13 seconds. Each time its different

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@himesh_89 I own two Eufy doorbell cameras and they both do it. I believe it’s a bigger issue that has yet to be addressed.

Unfortunately, I needed to add a second camera to each doorbell (which defeats the purpose) to cover their intended areas. The additional cameras help trigger the doorbell (because of inconsistent motion detection) and allows me to have another view when the doorbell stops abruptly.

Same problem. Battery is fully charged, restart Base, restart phone, but P2P failure and phone does not sense or indicate movement.

@Sobrevilla thats really bad that for the bell to do its job, further cameras are required. Makes no sense! I’ll be retuning mine and trying the Ring out

@himesh_89 Agreed! Unfortunately, I bought the Eufy 2K battery doorbell cameras after I had already purchased several of their Cam2 cameras (which I really liked) to have everything under one ecosystem. However, they are not the same. If the doorbell camera is your only purchase with Eufy…I would return them as well!!

Does anyone know if they are going to address this issue in the next firmware update or is it just the way it is? I would like to hope they are taking thing seriously and patch things, instead of ignoring the issue or bring out a Doorbell 3 and stating it has improved motion detection :unamused:

I hope they are, motion was working perfectly fine up until the last few days when it has been raining a lot, now suddenly no motion detection again! I’m seriously thinking of returning mine and going somewhere else, I’m getting a wire put in anyway so not going to be limited to a battery bell

Now the rain has stopped my motion detection is working again

I’ve narrowed the p2p connection problem down to the wifi channel settings on my router. If my router is set to optimise the channel and use 20, 40 or 80 MHz then the eufy 2K wired doorbell occasionally drops out with the p2p connection error. When I disable wifi channel optimisation and only use 20 MHz then it reconnects instantly. Just wish my router would retain the settings; it appears to reset itself and default to channel optimisation which makes the doorbell flip out!