Eufy 2k Battery doorbell once again Alexa issue!

Once again, my Eufy 2k battery doorbell does not chime through my Alexa devices when doorbell button pushed, only the homebase chime is sounding.

It has been working fine for weeks, now nothing through Alexa devices.

Disassociated the Eufy Skill in the Alexa app & then re-associated it & signed in… still nada.

Rebooted routed… still nada!

I can run the skills on the Alexa app which operate the doorbell press action on all my Alexa devices fine, just won’t work when doorbell actually pressed.

Note I can view the Eufy doorbell & cameras fine from my Echo Show?


@ala539 You need to set your Eufy device’s chime notification preference to alert you through your Amazon device within the Eufy Security app. In the doorbell’s notification settings, set your Alexa device as your default chime. As long as it (the doorbell) remains connected to the 2.4GHz signal being rebroadcasted via your Homebase, it should trigger the chime on both devices. It seems like a fairly counterintuitive setup, but its the only workaround I’ve found to be a legitimate solution for my Eufy 2K Battery doorbell/Amazon Echo setup. Doorbell >Homebase with Chime preference set to Alexa, and Homebase>default internal-speaker chime, if my memory serves well, is the proper order of operations

Thanks tri1313,
but setup was working fine before. Last night / early morning my Alexa devices chimed announcement that someone was at the door at 5am ! & again 10.15 & 10.30 with no one there… 10 to 12hrs after event!
I had this issue before & Eufy support said that issue was with servers between Eufy & Amazon / Alexa not in sync!

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Update… all back in sync with no further intervention, looks like server sync issues.

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Is this off for anyone else?
Installed my doorbell last week. Was working fine but this week the delay is about 7-8 minutes.

I wonder if this is intentional to make us buy their chimes for a reliable response?