Eufy 2C Events Not Stored After Notification

I purchased my Eufy 2C system with two cameras a couple weeks ago and generally have been happy with it. However there have been a few anomalies that have perplexed me.

This morning at 4am I was awakened by a notification on my phone and saw that motion was detected in my backyard. I clicked the alert in my notification bar and saw a clip of a fox walking around near my shed. Pretty cool, right? I watched the video a couple times and then went back to sleep. However, when I tried to access the video again later this morning, it could not be found in the events log. There appears to be no record of it. Initially I was able to see the video when I clicked the alert in my notification bar, but that disappeared as well. Unfortunately there was no way for me to share or download it. Why does this happen? I still have over 10 gigs of memory. My wife also had a notification for the event on her phone this morning but when she clicked it she was immediately directed to the live feed. No event recorded.

There have also been a couple inconsistencies with my front door camera. Normally it always records when I leave the house or return, once the motion zone is triggered near my front door, but there have been a couple occasions when no event was detected. Am I ghost?

Has anyone experienced similar issues and have a recommendation?

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The first issue I can’t help with. Inconsistent motion detection is common across all devices. FYI. My back yard cam has picked us up for a month now it does not want to. It has not been moved or updated. My other cams have issues as well.

I noticed something odd about eufy in general.

If you are in live view then it doesn’t record unless you click record and then it will save to your phone.

It could be that it took you to live view when you clicked on the notification. I’ve only just got this so can’t offer much help.

I think the software is buggy. I tried different settings in Events and it stops all Events activity, even though it recorded in the devices’ I ended up resetting the system. Why they don’t have all the motion settings in the devices only and have no settings in Events is a mystery? The same as the missing notes on all the settings in the box.
I have my cameras set to 4 on Human only, but they still record cats.

Cats… At night or during the day?

Go to EVENTS > date tab at top center > tap on clip as needed.

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My app(doorbell cam) does the same thing! If my roommate or I open a notification of motion or a ring, it takes us to the live view, which is sevvveeerly delayed, and then if we go to the app later that day or sometime after, it’s as if it’s never happened. Very frustrating, since we are home at different times, and I personally want to know the comings & goings of people.

Has anyone figured out how to make the default save all motion events, regardless of if you tap on the notification and watch live??

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@Christinalstrobel I think you bring up a good point that needs to be addressed by Eufy. If there is an event that is in progress and being recorded, when you enter the live view it stops recording, because it “assumes” you are watching it, lol? It should continue to record regardless.

Like you mentioned, I have several family members that have access to my cameras and I have to remind them all that IF they watch a camera and something is happening, they have to manually record the event, because anytime a person is watching, it will not record! Which doesn’t make sense if the camera was already triggered or if the motion meets the criteria that was set.


On the doorbell there is a setting under Notifications that will allow you to be taken to either Live View or History event from the notification. If its set to Live View, the event won’t get recorded and saved unless you do it manually. If you set it to History event, then it will show you the saved clip.

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Experienced the same thing in the past, now, not rocording obvious people movements?!!