Eufy 2c continuous recording?

Hi guys

I just got the eufycam 2c, does anyone know if this can continuous record so we can scroll back in the past. I’d rather be able to scroll back then look at motion recordings. Thanks


I don’t believe so, it’s all based on battery life… If it were continuous the battery would be dead quickly…

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@anish-8 @Jameshandshy Agreed, these are motion activated battery cameras. If you want continuous recording cameras, you’d have to look into Eufy’s indoor camera, and put it into a window to view your selected area. If this is not possible, then I would look into a wired outdoor camera. As of right now, I am not aware of any wireless battery camera that records 24/7 without it being plugged into a power source…although I would buy 10 if there were :wink:


Here is something I am experimenting with which may help you out (that is if it works).
Use case: monitoring of driveway and alerting if any one approaches the house/front door.
Challenge: Battery powered cams are not ON and wake up time after motion detection causes loss of event details.
Here is my setup:

  • I have Eufy Cam 2C kit with two cameras
  • One camera is mounted to cover approach to front door (left side of garage door)
  • Second camera is mounted on right side of the garage door to cover all drive way including side yard entrance (which is below the camera mount location)
  • To help you visualize it better, looking from the street to my house, driveway provides access to the garage, front door and backyard access door. Front door path is to the Left of garage and side/backyard door is to the Right of the garage. I have mounted the cameras on wooden struts underneath the eves of garage roof. This also gives them approximately 8-9 feet of height.
  • I have an electrical outlet on the exterior garage wall above side/backyard door, sheltered by eve (garage roof overhang). I was able to connect the cam on this side to the electrical outlet using a long cable and a spare USB power brick.
  • This setup allowed me to tweak the recording and power management setup on the camera. I have chosen 60s clips with 5s retrigger interval. My activity zone covers access to the driveway all the way to the house and triggers on Any motion type.
  • using automation feature, I have setup my front door camera to be triggered if my side door camera detects any activity. This way, by the time a car or person approaches the front door, the cam will be recording and able to capture all details.
  • I am still tweaking the setup as it is just few days old and hope to find a good balance between battery life and false triggers.

Hope this gives you some idea.



@Aralam @anish-8 That’s exactly how I have my setup! I use several automations to trigger other cameras to record events (especially with the doorbell camera). The downside is the other cameras that begin through automation will only record for 5 seconds if it does not detect any motion. Now if it’s a person walking towards those cameras within the 5 seconds, then the camera will continue to record and trigger (through alert notification) the event. So in essence it gives the camera a head start in recording, lol.

Of course, the other issues is purchasing other devices and being strategic to make these events work. But it is doable. However, it will still not record 24/7, just help capture everything that is relevant.

@Sobrevilla - great mind think alike :joy:. I am running into similar challenge where my Front Door camera turns-off due to no activity as the person hasn’t made it yet to its Activity Zone in time. One way to solve this is to increase the clip recording time and disabling the option of stopping the recording for no activity. Downside, as you mentioned, is more battery and video length. I may be OK with it as long as I am able to record the person correctly.

I was ready to return the Eufy cam but this has given me new hope. I am also thinking of getting an extra Eufy cam 2 which has better sensor.

@Aralam Yes we do, lol! I’ll try your suggestion and select the customizing recording with the “end clip early if motion stops” option.

In regards to the cameras, they’re a good product. But it does take time for trial and error and to understand how the devices work. Then a user can identify how to be more efficient with their ecosystem and how to use multiple devices to get exactly what is possible.

Adding a motion sensor can help at a cheaper cost and be placed at spots you might not be able to easily run power too.

@Topshelferok Yes, motion sensors can definitely help trigger other cameras to record or alarm. I only wish Eufy made theirs waterproof and for outdoor use. Right now I use one under a covered porch and have had some success with it. Maybe it’s something they will consider with their door and motion sensors in the future.

@Sobrevilla … Day 4 here … after more tweaking and linking my cameras to start recording once a motion is detected seem to have alleviated missed recording. Will continue to tweak to optimize the setup. One thing I am also realizing is that “Detection Zone” is well below what camera can view (and it is documented) … just not very intuitive. I wish activity zone can be restricted to only areas where motion sensor (PIR) can “REALLY” detect.
With that said, image quality of what is captured seems more on the blurry side. Not sure if this is just my setup or anyone else experiencing this too … I can guess who the person is if I have met them but other than that it is of no use.:tipping_hand_man:t4:

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@Aralam Through testing and seeing how the cameras react in “real” situations, I don’t expect to catch trigger any motion outside of 25 feet from the camera (and I agree that you should only be able to create zones in areas that actually work). Just know, anything beyond that distance is a plus…at least in my mind, LOL! Meaning at times it may catch beyond 25 feet, but I’m not expecting it to. It comes down to lighting, sensitivity setting, type of motion detection, and the direction the subject is moving. It picks up best when the movement goes across the camera, than towards it.

What are your cameras? Most of mine are the Eufy Cam2 and Cam2 Pros, along with the doorbell and floodlight cameras. Occasionally, it may come out blurry, but for the most part…especially within the 25 foot area, my images come out pretty clear. Even when a car drives by in our alley, I’m able to download it, slow it down frame-by-frame and capture the license plate (and that’s with my 1080p cameras).

I bought Eufy Cam 2C 2-camera and Homebase2 kit during Black Friday sale. I am wondering if Sony CCD on Eufy Cam2 provides a better picture than what’s on 2C. I just saw Best Buy selling Eufy Cam 2K for $99. I am wondering if I should get that to see if picture quality improves. I believe we can mix 2C , and 2K in the same setup.
Any thoughts?

@Aralam Yes, you can add the Cam2 Pro to the Homebase 2 and mix & match. I added several of these cameras over the last few weeks when they dropped to $99 each. It’s the lowest they’ve been since they first came out. If possible, you may want to try one out and see what you think. Worst case, you can always return it within 15 days if it’s similar. I believe the battery will also last longer than the 2C.

@Sobrevilla - Installed Cam2 Pro (2K) and what a marked difference in image quality. I can now clearly see faces of people … the only downside is recordings are taking more space :joy: … but that is OK … I still need to tweak the activity zones as I am still getting some false alerts and missed recordings … but this is really looking good now. Thanks for the tip!

@Aralam Glad to hear that it worked out for you!! Just like any camera…it may take a few days to get things dialed in. For $99…with 2K quality. I know I’ve been pretty happy with Eufy’s products so far (except their doorbell :man_facepalming:t2:).

Sometimes I feel some folks on here expect a high quality $100 camera to do what a $1500 device can do. It doesn’t work that way. Plus, if you don’t like it…take it back and start over with another brand. Research products, be critical that first week, then make the best of it. In all honesty, my cameras today will be obsolete in 5 years :confused:. I know that going into it. So I’m going to use them as much as possible until then, lol.


I have a functional setup with 2 Eufy 2c pro cams and a Synology NAS surveillance station.
Both cams are on USB power , so battery life is no argument.
Live recording should really be an option for people who are on USB or solar power . It would be a deal breaker , as no consumer device will allow it.
With a little trick you are able to set it up to show you about 5 minutes of live action , before the RTPS stream stops.
You enable Live view in Surveillance station . You see your two cameras , but no picture.
As soon as you activate NAS on your iphone or android , the RTPS stream begins and you see a lifestream of about 5 minutes on both cameras .
Setting it up as a Synology PC or Mac client you even can use the better CPU of your (hardware accleration) PC and see your Eufy cams in its full 2k glory right on your PC desktop , So you are not limited to the 16 GB storage of your home base . Eufy really should look into the professional possibilities of the Synology NAS. Really.
It would open up a can of many new options .
Sorry for my english , not my native language.
Regards from Germany.

Cheers. I get violent abuse from a neighbour so I’m thinking of turning off notifications at my back but putting a wind chime (removing the chime) so motion is 24/7. So it basically records all the time. Apparently I have to unlock features like dog sensor or loud noises?
Happy to set the front aimed at my front yard for.movement but out the back I need sound because the abuse is vocal and not visual nor on my property and I cannot nor want it aimed at neighbours.

Happy to charge it as.needed. But I really need the audio recordings! Been to.police for violent threat report and got these to provide evidence.
Not all features accessed is really really annoying! Asked the fb page cause not good customer service for Australia about this issue. Shall make.ot work like you. Atm can’t even as I have to do other stuff first. Like silly! Thanks for.your post as the what many want xxoo