Eufy 2c Camera x2 issue when turning security light on

I have recently got this issue when looking at live feed… On both cameras. When looking at a live feed and click on the torch (light) option. Instead of coming on it quickly shows a recorded or previous image… Then goes back to live view.

I have reset and formated the base unit and removed both cameras from hub. Added back but does the same thing again… Any ideas.??

I have reset everything again… Wiped memory and ran format. Re-added everything back… When I go to put light on when watching live vid… It shows a image from another day… Then goes to live image… But very quickly… Security light does not stay on… This is down to the base unit not the cameras as they both do the same… I even get a bit of crackling noise when pairing as well… Please has anybody got any idea what to do. I have had these 7 months so far without any issue. :sob:

This has only happened since firmware update.

System version:
Date: 2021-05-10 @ 15:46:31

Subsystem version:

What you are describing sounds like a network issue. The Live View Starts to stream, but fails for a short period and drops back to the previous static image, then finally displays. I have seen this happen occasionally when a cam is too far from the homebase or getting interference from an adjacent non - Eufy wifi source.

I haven’t ever seen it in connection with the spotlight. I have the same firmware version you do on the Homebase and don’t have that issue when I turn on the spotlight on any of my 3 2C cams.

I suggest you change the orientation or location of your homebase. It has 3 antennas inside on each face except for the back, where the power and network connections are. Sometimes, just moving the homebase so that a different side is facing toward your problem cam will fix it. If that doesn’t work, try moving it closer to one of the cams and see if the problem goes away for that cam.

Already taken the cams down and tested next to base. Moved base away from any electrical or other WiFi connections, same issue again.

Swapped modem router… Turned off all phones and systems with WiFi or network cable connections… Still the same problem… Its been working fine fo seven months with no problems at all.

Reset base unit for the 4th time and wiped any images again… But when live and then turn security lights on… Shows a previous stored image … Which is not there anymore …??? I have got Amazon looking into it via their support first… As bought through there. They said if Anker don’t sort they will replace whole system if needed.

Same issue here. Something broke with the 5/10 update. I have the 2C Pro cameras which worked amazingly well for the past 9 months until recently. Today, they went a full day without recording on one camera. I couldn’t log into the app. Reset everything and tested the function on the cameras. My floodlight camera still functions properly, but I cannotget the light to turn on on my 2C Pros. Nothing else has changed on my network or camera placement. Frustrated because it was such a good system since September. Please fix the update!

I went back and forth with eufy and sent them video of the issue… Before I sent the video they said it was down to my network p2p.

I reminded them that I am a network support specialist who looks after network systems, switches and wireless issues for customers.

They agreed that there seemed to be a problem and said they would replace the cameras and base unit, but they said I would have to pay for the return of the devices myself… Then they would pay me back.

I decided to go through Amazon where I bought them… They have arranged for the return and collection on Monday. And a full refund.

Just need to think really hard now and see if I want to buy the same ones again or get a different make…!

After I sent them back and got refunded… I decided I would go for the same model again… I know a bit risky, but wanted to see if it would work straight out of the box. It all worked with security lights coming on via detection and if I manually turned them on as well . I upgraded the firmware, and I decided to check a little while later, and it’s back to how it was before… Same fault in everyway. I Did all the usual tests and checks, resets… But no change. It has to be the firmware again as nothing else has been altered… I might just keep them now as they are still better than the arlo.

I’ve had my 2C Pros since March 2021 and this issue barely started happening to me as well. I try to manually turn on my floodlight and it just blinks, resets my feed, and shows me live feed. Really annoying!! I wonder if they will roll out a firmware patch soon…

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Got a firmware update not long ago… And what do you know… All working fine now.

What version are you on now?

EufyCam 2C Pro
System version 5.2.7
Subsystem version - 20210303

Homebase 2
System version
Subsystem version
Date: 2021-09-09
Time: 15:52. 02

All working great now… No issues at all