Errors on New Community

Joined here this morning, now I am seeing errors while making any changes on Setting and Profile

Hopefully they get it fixed soon and that there’s not to many bugs.

Sorry to hear that, but most of community members don’t have this problem. Do you have the link or screenshot of where you want to access?


Can username be changed? I also don’t see a way to delete an account.

Its new, so there will be the inevitable bug here and there :grin:

I see errors on the profile page trying to change the profile photo

Just changed mine, no issues :ok_hand:

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This is the section for the error, the moment i hit save changes, the error 404 pops up

Did you try another browser?

All is well here so far!
Im accessing on an iPad.

Everything is working fine on my S10+

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Registration Reward.
Shows 50 points but awards 10 :thinking:

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And upload profile pic etc, should reward 30 points up seem to have rewarded 10 (2 x 5)

I need my points :sweat_smile:

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There’s plenty on offer @ikari04warrior
I’ve done exactly what I did, and shouldn’t of bothered doing, on Soundcore.
I know I don’t have the time for multiple forums and feel I should stay loyal to my beginnings, so I don’t know why I’m trying to be active.
I’ll dip in from time to time I’m sure, but not regularly.


I think they copied and pasted the image since it mentions the Soundcore collective community and not this one

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I will give this community a good try for the next coming days, we will see how good it becomes :+1:

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Ah, gotcha :+1:t2:

Don’t be a stranger over on the Anker forum @ikari04warrior :sob::sob::sob:

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I think I too will be doing that… for now, Eufy Forum looks half-baked product… may be give it a month or 2 (hopefully :crossed_fingers:) … make be will have loose ends tied !