Error -419, Assigning a known person

I don’t see the stored persons in the ios / android app.
If I would like to assign a person (which is marked with a ? ) I get the followind error message:

“Anfrage fehlgeschlagen.(-419)” in German
and I would translate it to:
“Request failed.(-419)”
What does it mean and how to fix it?

Same issue here.

This is quite disappointing. I bought the system 3 days ago for its advanced AI but Face Management is totally bugged.

@eufy_official Will there be a fix soon?

I’m having exactly the same problem. After adding a number of faces manually, I also can’t see any assigned faces in the app. Nor can I assign faces found by camera, getting the “Failed to request. -419” error.

I got the following feedback from The support team:
The problem is an app interface issue, face recognition still works.
You can expect this issue to be resolved over the next few weeks as planned.

So we will have to be patient a bit.

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I have exactly the same problem . Support confirms that the problem is known. Is there already any solution?

I checked after the latest firmware update… for me the problem was fixed

Firmware Update was mid/end of last week

ok . The firmware of my s380 home base is currently version and is listed as up to date. I could not see an update of the firmware in the histories. Error persists. since I have the German version, the update might be a bit long in coming. It always takes a bit longer for us.

I have the
German version

I received a system update today. but only version 3.3.03. Problems still persist.