Erratic motion detection

Just installed eufyCam 2 Pro overlooking the paved area at the front of my house. Tested motion detection by setting up an activity zone covering the whole area and then walking around and watching the camera light. Went out to the car this morning and was picked up on video. 10 minutes later the paper was delivered and nothing. Then I went back to the car and was picked up again. 10 minutes later the post came and nothing. Then the plumber arrived and was detected. The camera was set to motion detection rather than human and on a sensitivity of 5. Why would some people be picked up and not others?


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I have similar problems. Motion toward doorbell (car or person) not detected until 8 ft away.
Left to right detection very good. Close person moving right to left very poor. School bus moving right to left is detected but not when going back in opposite direction. Auto backlight compensation does not seem to work.

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Same issue here. Only on one out of three cameras. Tried swapping cameras, but the swapped camera starts doing it also. Maybe a positioning issue?

When I drive home it doesn’t register my car driving in or me getting out of my car.
But when I leave it registers me walking towards my car and leaving. It’s getting annoying trying to get it to register each time there is movement- arriving or departing.
I gave it set to 7 sensitivity and any motion, not just human detection. But if doesn’t pick up a 2 tonne car???

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Almost every smart camera will pick up motion better when it’s side to side across the field of view of the camera lens, it takes longer to pick up and detect motion when it’s coming right at the camera. So keep this in mind when installing and placing the cameras, side to side across the field of view is best.


This could be helpful if one has a choice of where the drive/path and doors are. Would an additional sensor help?

It makes no sense that cameras are optimised for side-to-side detection when they are supposed to be fitted on the front or back of buildings. How would security doorbells work? I have fitted my camera at the far end of the gutter and twisted it to the maximum angle across the field of view and it still doesn’t pick up all movements. Perhaps Dufy should supply a right angled bracket mount?

The cameras are not optimised for side to side detection, this is common to all motion detectors (not just those built into the camera). It is a problem if you can’t locate the camera appropriately, but it’s the price you pay to avoid false detection alarms!