Entire Eufy System not deactivating in "disarmed" mode?

Hey guys,

I have a few Eufy Cam 2 Pro’s as well as an Eufy 2k video doorbell, all connected to the same Eufy Homebase 2.

I recently had to reset my Homebase and re-add all my cameras in order to connect them into my Apple Homekit. Ever since then, all the cameras (including the doorbell) have been constantly activating (detecting motion etc) even when the system is in disarmed mode. This is causing all of their batteries to drain rapidly. I have had to disable night vision on all my cameras as they are constantly activating when I am home. They do not appear to be recording any video while in disarmed mode, just constantly activating and detecting motion.

I normally only activate my system when I go away for a few days or have an important delivery coming, so this issue is incredibly annoying. I did not have this issue before I had to reset my Homebase and re-add the cameras. Previously when in disarmed mode, all my cameras would be totally off and not detecting any motion. Which is how it is supposed to be correct?

I am not sure what went wrong or if this is simply some setting I had previously tweaked in the app. I have reached out to Eufy support but they are no help. The only thing I have done differently this time is that my Homebase 2 and Eufy Cam 2 Pro’s are now synced/added into my Apple Homekit. Could this be the issue? Has anyone else experienced this while syncing to Apple Homekit? I do not want to reset/resync the whole system again only to have the problem persist.

For reference I have tried cycling the system between Home/Away/ and Disarmed modes many times, but all the cameras still trigger motion detection while in Disarmed mode regardless.

Thank you all for any help/suggestions.