Electric chime issue with wired battery doorbell


I have an issue, I connected the battery doorbell with wires but if I connect my electric chime to the solution since its not one loop anymore the video doorbell only runs on battery but my chime works. The live video produces a tjirping sound constantly like the sound of grasshoppers. However if I short circuit the chime the grasshopper sound is gone and electricity is restored to the doorbell however the chime of course fails.

How to solve this??? Any idea? Using a jumper on the chime is basically short circuiting the chime.


As per instructions you cannot use the existing chime and the wired doorbell. The short wire/jumper is used to insure you have enough power to the doorbell. They say it can run without the wire jumper, but it may not operate correctly.

Wasn’t that just for the wired doorbell? He states battery doorbell? I’ve hook up my battery doorbell to the old chime. Plus mine never came with the jumper which I asked eufy they stated that it wasn’t included in UK.

Thanks. That’s too bad. However with the battery doorbell there’s also no additional eufy chime you can connect to the home base 2 is it?

If I leave my phone in silent mode it would be great if I can get the doorbell sound from the home base 2 and next to that perhaps through another home base 2 (however since the doorbell is connected to only one home base 2 I doubt that can work) but maybe an additional eufy chime can work? However I don’t think they offer chimes with the battery doorbell because of the home base…

Any other ideas how I can get more doorbell sounds in my house? :wink:

I would unpair and then pair again and don’t select mechanical or digital chime. Skip this. It will then use HB as the chime.

I had problems when I selected mechanical chime and couldn’t switch back to homebase chime and so had to unpair and repair to the HB.
Think this yet another software bug.

They going to release and extra chime for the battery doorbell it’s in the option to select which chime you want.

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Thanks. Hopefully I can plug this chime not only in another home base 2 but also in a regular power plug. Really looking forward to this eufy chime…

Your right. I saw wired and didn’t expect battery too. I have no idea what the instructions are for that one. :slight_smile:

There are 2 methods.

  1. If you have an Alexa Echo Dot, you may set it up as an additional chime.
  2. We are working on an additional doorbell chime accessory for battery doorbell. It will be ready in Aug.
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Any progress on this new chime for the battery doorbell? Thanks