Edge security display

When will the edge security display be available in the uk

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Trying to figure out the same. No keypad available anymore. Need the display soon.

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I have just spoken to UK Support where they advised that the keypad is only now available with the 5 piece starter kit. They made no mention of an alternative.
I already have a plethora of Eufy kit and am beginning to regret so doing.
I have also left a disparaging review on Facebook and Trustpilot. If the display is not available soon, the whole Eufy set up will be replaced by something with proper support!

Still not available in the US either. I’m in the market for a new system, but need a keypad or touchpad. Only option is the 5 piece starter kit. However, I also want to get the newer Homebase model (the starter kit seems to come with the older one). I’d love to get my hands on one of these displays! @eufy_official or @eufy_Operation, any chance you can share an update on the Smart Display?

I have no update on it but, Well, it’s been in the works since December 2021… Filed with the FCC. No idea on what’s the delay?