Echo Show 10 compatibility with Video Doorbell

When if ever is there going to be an upgrade to the Amazon Alexa skill for Eufy Security to allow for the wireless video doorbell to have full compatibility and functionality with Amazon Echo Show 10?

It currently shows up in my devices as a motion sensor, and behaves mostly as such but with some camera functionality. When going into setting it says the device “Type” is “Motion sensor” despite the description saying “eufy Video Doorbell”.

It allows for “Motion Announcements” and also “Door Press Announcements” both of which are turned on but neither work except for the motion announcements however, even that functionality is sketchy at best through both devices including our Amazon echo gen1.

I can request Alexa to “show me the Front Door” or whatever we’ve named the device but this takes forever to load and there is zero functionality to this. We can’t communicate back through to the doorbell via voice its just a static feed.

When Alexa does randomly pickup motion and alert us to there being motion at the front door theres an audio announcement but it wont load the camera despite the settings being setup for it to do so.
When trying to set up a routine to force it further to announce there is someone at the door when motion is sensored and an actiong alexa show me the front door…it clitches out and goes off when there is zero motion that not even the eufy app is picking upp on with any notifications or alerts ?
Even with creating a routine set upon when the doorbell is pressed alexa will announce this and do this action…nothing at all happens …there is absolutely zero registration that there is a doorbell button as far as the amazon alexa devices are concerned despite there being options for ringtones…

You can log in and view the camera via the alexa app, it has ringtone selections so its like yep im a door bell, the guts of the thing is there but the rest of the programming isnt because it just doesn’t work no matter how you have notifications and settings and routines set.

Access via the eufy security app is great and the response time for motion detection brilliant however it is severely lacking in compatibility with other smart home devices.

As someone with a disability trying to make thing easier, safer etc it’s an expensive nightmare enough trying to figure out. Yet alone devices that say they can and will do this and are compatible with another and can do this and that…only to find out they aren’t and can’t.

Its not just a “luxury” item, for some its a need to be able to have a smart home device that functions seemlessly with security devices so they can monitor who is coming to and from their home, who to let in and actually be able to communicate back. I have two show 5s coming for other rooms so that there will always be hardwired powered smartscreen deviced capable of viewing the front door should I loose my phone, break it, have it stolen, or even leave it in another room and not be able to get to it when someone arrives at the fron door. I won’t alwaya have access to my phone and the great app functionality it gives…That’s needed on other hub deviced and to all communicate together due to having disabilities and being slow to move some days injury then unable to move after getting to bed to rest but at home alone and then realizing my phones been left elsewhere.

I’m near ready to return this doorbell and switch to ring just to have the peace of mind that it will functional across devices as it should, despite hating that id have to pay a continuous subscription fee. It needs to actually work.
That the door bell button when pressed will actually work set off an allert and bring up the camera view
That motion will work consistently and set off allerts across all devices as setup audibly and bring up the live feed automatically if desired on echo show devices including show 10
Allow for voice command "answer ““device name””, to have two way communication after a motion or doorbell button press alert has been sent with video feed already going to eligble devices and there be a button on the echo show devices to turn on and off the microphone on our end and a mute button if we don’t wish to hear audio incoming from the doorbell…(ie teenagers angry friend or ex chucking a fit at the front door…)
Basically most of the Basic general functions that the app has…Ring already has these features except the mute one i think but honestly ot cant be that much to ask for.

Ive scrolled though pages and pages of reviews and help forums for similar issues and it appear the alexa skill has been plagued with issues relating to compatibility with amazon exho show devices for quite some time and I can’t understand why it hasn’t been rectified with so many users having the exact same issues time and time again?

Please, PLEASE, do some serious work on the eufy security Amazon Alexa skill…with their new show 15 coming out it’s not like it’s coding that will go to waste with how the device is going to be marketed for use…unless most people want ring cameras with stupid subscriptions.

Fix this and your users will praise the absolute hell out of it and basically sell your devices for you…

Next for us is cameras for the house but ill be making sure they work with the devices i need first!

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