E340 battery and Homebase 2 chime not working


I looked online and everything said that I dont need a chime as the Homebase 2 can do this.

Everything sets up fine and connects, pairs the lot

Only issue is that there is no chime coming from the homebase?

Hi, I don’t have neither of those devices.
Though there may be a setting that you need to turn on for the chime sound.

Look into the settings for the doorbell and HomeBase it may be well hidden somewhere.
Also look in the Security Settings, Mode.

  • HomeBase acts as chime - possibly?
    Indoor Chime setting.

I want the homebase to act as the chime, but im pretty sure I have gone through every setting option on there. Especially the way it takes you to set it up for this then get nothing

Yeah it is frustrating at times, see if the HB2 & doorbell cams firmware is up-to-date.
You can do that through the settings - General - about device.

Also I was reading up a bit on it, when you first add the doorbell to the HB2 there’s an option settings while installing it (mechanical chime or electronic chime), if you’re not using either one of those then just skip that process…

Found out how to do this by accident

When doorbell is turned off go into its general settings and connect device to the homebase

Needs to be near the homebase to connect. It will then store all recordings on the homebase but also chime now