Download video from eufy wireless camera

Is it possible to download video recordings from eufyCam 2c, 2, or E?


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To address your concern, you can download the videos from eufy security app on your mobile device.

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Your entire answer is “yes”? No instructions? I don’t see where I can download videos from the app.


Open app. Go to the Events tab, which you’ll see at the bottom. Tap on a thumbnail to play a video. Below the video, the first button says “Download”. Tap it.

Wait for the video to finish downloading. A pop up message at the bottom of the screen will indicate the percentage of the download that is complete. When they video is completely downloaded, a pop up message will appear near the top of the screen indicating that the video was successfully saved to your phone. Leave the app and go to your phone’s gallery, cameras roll, file manager, or whatever to see the video file. On Android it will be in a folder titled EufyVideoDir. I don’t know about iOS.

when I send the video’s after a download, to my yahoo email, I cannot save the video into a file folder - please let me know how to do that

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Hi, I have an ipad 6th gen, when i select a clip in the events, there is no “download” button at all, all i see is a pause button.

Rotate your iPad to portrait for now

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Perhaps they might supply the ENTIRE PATH to this location… IE: Where is the Eufy folder stored?

What if you replaced it I can’t get the videos offline

Thanks muchly Jake. It worked a treat for me. I purchased the system a few days ago (in Australia) and had been trying to work it out. I did not want to pay for the Cloud when I will not have a lot of data to store. There was NIL advice in the brochure - I am not going to all it a User Manual - that came with the product and I could not see how to store locally. I sent Eufy a message, from their contacts page, but had not received a reply. Then i googled upon this page. Bingo! THANKS!