Download from cloud to PC

I would like to download cloud storage events from the website to my PC but there is no option to do this.
I tried to download an android simulator program to help but keep getting error messages.
There is no point me having cloud storage without an option to save to PC.


IndoorCam needs a new technical solution to support downloading, the web portal does not support video downloading. It is expected to be supported by 2021 Q1 or Q2

Considering we were told we would get a pc program for the cameras soon 2 years ago & it’s still not available, them now saying something should be in 6ish months, don’t expect it until 2025

What is the status of the download support from the web portal?

I also came to find this out. Considering a Eufy admin mentioned in nov 2020 that it will be supported in Q1 2021, im wondering if it will ever be supported. WOuld be very useful to have this. I need to download about 30 clips, and 1) i was hoping i could do it on my mac vs iphone as it would be easier and 2) i was hoping i can just select All recordings for a day or a month and tell it to record everything into an archive instead of individually selecting files.

any update on this?