Doorbell wired voltage requirements

Hi all, I know the requirements for the voltage for wired is 16-20v. when I tested it at the doorbell, I was getting 15.8 reading. Is the .2 difference going to be an issue? Should I replace the transformer or is this not a big deal?

awesome advice, thanks for the quick response also.

Not too much trouble to replace, I might as well do it right. I saw this at HD:;310269229;308470453;206973663;--309792479--N

This should be correct right? I didn’t see much cheaper elsewhere

I think you’ll be OK. My ac adaptor is rated 18v. Recently got a multimeter but since the doorbell charges up. I haven’t bother taking it off to measure.

So, I tackled this project today to prep the whole wiring deal since the eufy wired cam isn’t coming in till tomorrow. Found my transformer hidden in a closet and to my surprise, it’s rated 10v 5va so that probably explains why i wasn’t getting much juice.

I went to the hardware store and bought a 16v 30va transformer and replaced it myself and now the volts at the transformer is reading 18.6v and at the doorbell itself, now getting 17.3v. This is much better and should be ready for the eufy camera tomorrow! Glad I did all this work this weekend ahead of the camera coming in or else I would have had to scramble to do this wiring and/or beating my head wondering why the camera isn’t functioning properly. Thanks all!

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If you’re buying the battery powered see the above thread. If its wired doorbell the you can ignore.