Doorbell T8210 motion detection ignoring activity zone since update 22-May

Hi all,

Since the update on 22-May-2024, my doorbell T8210 motion detection is ignoring the activity zone. This means i have hundreds of alerts a day because the doorbell is facing the pavement. Every time a person walks on the pavement (5m distance) it triggers the motion detection and alert.

Current doorbell version
With homebase3 version and sub version

So far I reset the doorbell, removed and added the activity zone, disabled enabled the motion detection.

Did anyone else have this issue?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, same for me. Mine is facing street with pedestrian and bicycle traffic. AI detections are working, it is ignoring cars if unchecked, but activity zones are indeed ignored. As a result it generated gazillion of false positives for me. I disabled motion detection for now and it is sitting there as a dumb bell…

Culprit update also seems the same for me - I also noticed degradation on the next day. Mine updated on May 16th with identical release notes. Another update arrived since then, but unfortunately it is still being dumb.

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