Doorbell Quick response hack

Ok so i discovered a neat little trick with my wired doorbell while trying to record some home alone movie soundclips as quick responses in the app. I discovered that if you put your phone on split screen you can have both the eufy app and any other music player app or in my case a soundboard website open at the same time, and it turns out you can have one app playing while you record it on the eufy app, just hold down the record button in the eufy app and press the play button in the other app. Sounds great when played on the doorbell, now just have to wait for someone to come to my door so I can tell them to “get your ugly yellow no good keister off my property before I pump your guts full of lead”.

I only have the wired doorbell but i assume it would work on the wireless one too and maybe the security cameras if they have that function but i dont know anything about them.