Doorbell Overheating Still - No Alerts

If this ever going to be fixed ? Also since a couple app updates ago it no longer even sends an alert that it is overheating.

@Mengdi @Yanyee1

Does it just switch off then?

Yup, doesnt record during this time either.

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Guess that was their fix. No alert no problem. Lol


Wow just wow, what happened to it being a firmware issue. My ring never had this problem. Somedays in 100F+ it is fine and sometimes it even overheats when its only 50F out.

Thanks for writing back to us.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience occurred. The battery doorbell will release heat itself and also receive heat from the direct sun, thus causing the overheating issue. This is the limitation of any battery products. We are definitely improving this feature as we are trying our best to test a covering for the doorbell so that it can help to avoid the direct sunlight and I hope it can release as soon as possible. If possible, would you please add a cover to it?

If you have any other issues or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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So mine is overheating and instead of a notification popping up. It just shut down and isn’t working at all. Thanks Eufy this stuff is cool but your software engineering is a little bit more than a pile of :poop:


FLMAO. See I guess my deleted silicone case covering is there idea. It dissipates heat. Simple idea in principle of how a silicone oven mit works.


Yeah when the heat shrunk battery’s inside implode. I took the first one i had apart. They told me they use LG and Panasonic batteries. Them things didn’t have any such labeling on them. Just a simple board, lens, battery with a lot of plastic inside.