Doorbell offline

Hi - our doorbell and chime keep showing as offline - the blue light is still blue on the chime and the doorbell still lights up as tho sensing movement but obviously I’m not getting any notifications.
Phone and both chime and doorbell using same WiFi. I did a rest on it all at the weekend which seemed to help for a short period of time but it’s back to being offline again in the app.
Any ideas on what we can do? When it was working it was super and had no complaints, this is making me want to send it back as seems endless.


I’m having the same issue. It’s been fine for approx 12 months now all of a sudden the app keeps saying doorbell offline. My only way to fix this is to unclip the doorbell and pop it close to the hub then it seems to be fine. However I’m now away and have no Protection from the video doorbell. Not good :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

I think, there is an interference between the Homebase and the doorbell. I also have the same problem, the doorbell will go offline randomly within 12 hours.

  1. My homebase is like 3 meters away from the doorbell
  2. Its not temperature problem, because my weather is in between 8 and 13 degree celcius. And after I detached the doorbell from the wall and once its crossed the frontdoor inside the house, it suddenly reconnected almost instantly.

I tried reset the homebase and the doorbell, then sync them together. I set the working mode of the homebase to better performance and stability(beta mode). And the offline problem hasnt occured anymore.

So I randomly opened my eufy app and saw thatbmy doorbell is offline once again. The working mode of the homebase is somehow switched back from beta mode to default. So I switched it back to beta mode again, restarted the homebase then my doorbell worked again normally.

Offline mode suddenly striked again. This time I deleted the storage videos from the homebase and the doorbell worked fine immediately.

Edit: And its offline again. None of the previous methodes worked. This time I tried using wifi connection of the homebase instead of using the network cable. The doorbell worked again…

Exactly similar problems. Honebase looks fine and doorbell is around 3 meters away. It happened last few weeks that all of a sudden the dooebell seems offline. Opening the door, disconnecting it and bringing it inside immediate turns if online again… No idea how to solve this. Wifi signal seems super strong to even 20 meters outside the house towards the street.

And to add to this. The moment I take it inside it reconnects. Does not matter when or where I position it for testing. Inside it works, outside it goes offline.

Even bought a repeater for mesh wifi located 1 meter away from the doorbell. Not sure how I can solve this one but it’s basically an expensive rock at the moment.