Doorbell not popping up on echo 5

Why doesn’t doorbell camera automatically pop up on echo show 5.

I would like to know the same. Have both echo show 5 and 10. Both only get the voice announcement but no video feed pop up. Trying to replace ring peephole camera with doorbell battery (with hard wire for power). I can only bring up live feed by saying alexa commands manually.

It works for ring because Amazon owns ring and Alexa, so when someone hits the doorbell it announces and plays the live feed automatically on show devices. That wasn’t always the case and it had to be added in an update.

The integration for Eufy and others is more limited, probably by amazon design and you have to give a voice command. Maybe they will add it later for other companies, but it’s probably not a priority since it gives them an edge, it’s one of the few things that makes an echo show/ring system worth having for me.