Doorbell needs bigger batteries

Former Ring user here and one thing I liked about it was getting no less than six months of use before needing to recharge the battery. Better yet, I could swap batteries in a minute without losing settings or taking the device offline for hours to recharge.

I now have the Eufy doorbell and I have had to recharge it twice since installing it two months ago and it takes no less than six hours before I can return it to its mount. It is already down to ½ charge so I will need to recharge it again before 30 days.

I have no problem with swapping rechargeable batteries every few months but getting more life AND a quick-swap battery would be even better.

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I dont get no more than 5 days with mine without it needing to be charged, then yet i do live on a busy street people pass by every damn hour, not to mention kids on their bikes… yes i set a zone so it “only” picks up people infront of my door but its kinds useless to set up zones since my door faces the street

Mine has lasted 3 months so far on one charge and still going strong, about 50% left

My first charge lasted about a month, but I did also play about with it and live stream a lot. It’s on it’s 2nd full charge and so far almost 30% gone for 7 days. I do face a main road but have set the detection zone to be the driveway, and to make sure have a good distance between the zone and the main road. However, it seems a lot of traffic/motion outside of the detection zone is still being detected although from the looks of it genuine only detections get recorded so the AI is working.