Doorbell needs bell icon

I have 2k wired video doorbell placed at my front gate, only about 50% of people that come to the gate realise that it is a door bell and push the button, the other 50% well some wave there hands at the camera some push the lens and some just walk straight through the gate.

There needs to be a bell icon or something on the button so people know they need to push it. In some advertising images there is a bell icon on the button but mine doesn’t have one. Maybe could just include a decal in the box so people have the option to put it on if they want.


Thanks for the suggestion. I suggest you to send it to as well, as that is the official communication channel.
Considering you have the doorbell already, and aren’t planning on buying a possible new variant with the icon, maybe you can put a transparent sticker on the button?

You can always do what another user did short of asking Eufy, and they just made a tag and put it on the button

You can buy the stickers on sites like etsy but I agree. Video doorbells seem to be looking less like doorbells and an etched or illuminated bell logo on the button would go a long way.

I agree, I’ve had a lot of people wave at the camera, not knowing that there is a button to press!
Etsy has a few options to purchase doorbell decals, but this should be something Eufy provides

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