Doorbell light always on without movement detection

Please allow for a wired doorbell for the blue ri g to be always on without movement detection. Just on so people can find my doorbell at night without delay!


In my experience with the battery doorbell is that the doorbell LED ring light turned on long after motion is detected and video starts recording. I believe that it’s waiting for the AI to determine that the motion was caused by a person before it turns on the light. This is true even when i have the detection set to All Motion, not Human-Only. In my opinion it should turn on the light as soon as any motion is detected, not just after it analyzed the video to determine it was a person. There’s no downside to the light turning on for all motion, even if there’s not s person there. The LED uses such little power.


Fully agree, we have the same issue. Can Eufy comment on when / if this can be expected?

Really the only complain I have for this doorbell, but a crucial one! Visitors struggle to find the button in dark conditions. Also since they approach our doorbell sideways and it takes several seconds to turn on after motion detection. Meaning they press the camera section or knock the door and then seconds later realize the button is there once it finally lights up…


Is there any update to this to be expected??

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I Send an email. Still need this. Lets see if there will be response

We appreciate your contact.

We apologize for the inconvenience as our doorbell does not support the red sensor light to be on at this time.

Regarding your advice, which is very relevant and inspiring, we have already passed it on to our team of engineers, and they will try to make this function a reality as soon as possible.

I think they are referring to the white glow ring, not a red sensor light.

The request is to permanently have the blue circle on (where you push to ring the bell). Currently this only turns on too late. People cannot find the button in the dark as it only turns on several seconds after it detected you.

When you approach the bell sideways this is very disturbing. Would be really appreciated to have this option available, it shall not be something very difficult to create I believe?

Developer reponse would be appreciated. Months ago it was already commented to be on the suggestion list. Curious where this stands!

Thank you!

Can Eufy please respond if this option will be added soon? Many visitors complain that the ring does not light up and they press the IR leds instead of the door ring. I really don’t understand why this is not fixed yet?

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I could be wrong, but doesn’t this already exist?
I swear mine has it, but maybe not what you mean?

I have the 2k wired doorbell. In my settings, near the top, there’s a toggle for “LED at Night” that I have turned on.

I have battery doorbell ( wired thiugh) and no such option for always on or at least at night

Do you have an update to when this might become reality? It would be so useful to have the wired doorbell incl function of having the blue ring on permanently (at least at dark conditions). Too many complains of people unable to locate the button in dark, only after 10seconds or so it starts to light up. Especially when people approach the bell sideways instead of via the front.

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No update. Dont think it is ever going to happen. Not the customer care around here @Helsing @Mengdi

Too bad that there is no answer or anything. It sounds like a simple thing to implement (I believe it used to be possible).

Even though I like my Eufy doorbell, the fact that half my visitors at night bang on the door because they don’t see the bell is reason to look for another system :frowning:

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Eufy please make this a selectable option. My 20 year old manual doorbell is illuminated at all times so people can see what to press. Pretty basic requirement for a doorbell.

Agreed, this seems to be the behaviour. Please can we have some solution to this, could be as simple as linking the blue ring to the other lights.

It’s a bit bonkers that you have to walk up to the doorbell wait for a few seconds for it to light when all the other lights have come on. Results in lots of people missing that the doorbell is even there, they assume it’s a motion sensitive light.

I have the new dual e340.