Doorbell: Implement "2-Way Communication" in Alexa skill

Alexa supports “2-Way Communication” in Alexa skills:

This allows a user to say “answer front door” and have a two-way conversation with someone via a doorbell (on their Alexa device - e.g. Echo Dot, Echo Show, etc). Currently, the EufySecurity Alexa skill does not support this.

The EufySecurity Alexa skill does however support the DoorbellEventSource interface, allowing users to be notified when the doorbell is pressed:

I run a software development team with experience in Alexa skills. We would be happy to assist with this. Or provide alpha testers if this is something you’re already developing internally.

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Ring does support intercome with Echi. ‘Alecxa, taln to doorbell’. The API has been released 3 years ago. What eufy does? This is a must feature to use eufy doorbell as a true smarthome device. I need to purchase another intercom device?


So no support for automatic live feed or 2-way comms yet?


Um, seriously, no communication? And I just spent 2 hours installing 2 doorbells?



Any news on this?
Coming or not coming feature?

When my doorbell rings, I get the notification just fine, but there’s no way for me to engage in a 2-Way Communication using my Alexa devices, like the Echo Show or Echo Dot. This is particularly problematic when I’m in the backyard or upstairs and can’t get to the door quickly. I want to be able to say, “Alexa, answer the front door,” and start a evansville tree service conversation with the visitor instantly.

Excellent suggestion