Doorbell if offline again

I’ve been having the same issue, it seems like every 2 days this doorbell disconnects. I’ve contacted the company no response.

Has anyone found a solution to this issue, I don’t want to have to reset my breaker every couple of weeks this is not a reliable solution.

Update: now it won’t even connect at all and can’t even connect to bluetooth

Oct. 25, 2020 : Our doorbell is offline also as of yesterday. I’m unable to get it back online. There is sufficient voltage. Is this a temperature related issue? It’s been in the 30’s and lower the last couple of days

Hi @Doorbell1650 @charlaynecano

Is your doorbell covered by an overhang or is it completely exposed to the weather outside?

If so, are the wired connections from where it connects to the doorbell, it possibly could be causing it.