Doorbell Human Detection Help

I need help with my doorbell. Human detection is not great, and I get a lot of false alerts. Such as, the wind blowing creating moving shadows in my yard. Human detection appears to only detect a round shape. For example: I get a human alert with the thumbnail showing the tire of the truck in my driveway:

Or, at night, a car driving by (again with the shadows) generates a human motion alert and the thumbnail shows my flower pot:

I have tried every position on the slider from human only to all motion and no matter where I have it, I have too many false alerts. Any ideas? Or are there any updates planned?

At this point I don’t expect much from them at all. I’ve sent them emails about the issues. In this pic I circled things being detected as human. My ignore zone is to stop my neighbors tires as being picked up. They send me the pic back and recommend moving my ignore zone. I told them they are not listening. I would need 3 more ignore zones to fix it… For now.

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Anyone found a resolution to these false human detections with multiple false alerts?