Doorbell chime ring tones

Is there a way to change the ring tone on the battery doorbell?


I would like to put a holiday ring tone, how would I do that?

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No, I don’t think so. You can only change the ringtone/chime on the Homebase. I have recently changed it to Christmas:)

Oddly enough, my newly installed 2k wired (outside unit, not the wireless chime) doorbell chime suddenly changed to Christmas tunes this morning. Cycles between “Jingle Bells, we wish you a merry Christmas, deck the halls…”. I’m not sure how to undo this. Sounds nice at the moment but would be out of place very soon.


I have raised this as a new query by emailing support. They do not have a solution in how to change the Christmas chime on the doorbell to match the Homebase unit. It is past Christmas!! Until they have another update it seems the chime on the doorbell cannot be changed back to default.

Agreed, that would be disappointing. I just did the reverse of setting the Christmas ringtones and it went back to the default doorbell tone. All you need to do is to press the doorbell 5 times with a short gap between each press <second. Had to do it twice but it worked fine.

Yep, done the same and it returned to default

With the chimer plugged in and in the vertically upright position, press the button on the upper left side. Each press of the button changes the tune played.

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tried the 5 press trick, doesn’t work, how can Eufy change our ring tone without our agreement ? you can add the option for people to select for those who like it, but not to select for us ! Like your phone , do you like your manufacturer change your wallpaper for you for each of the festival without getting the endorcement from you ? Please make some sense Eufy !

What was the solution die this problem. I’ve got the same problem