Doorbell Chime as base for security camera


I have an Eufy 2K Battery Doorbell with Chime (model: T8212).

I was thinking of adding an EufyCam to the setup (2/2C/2C Pro). I only need one, so trying to figure out if it could be linked to the chime, rather than having to buy a Homebase.

I read in a few places that the Chime could be used a tiny Homebase with 1 doorbell and 1 security camera (or 4 doorbells).

Does anyone know if this is still true or has this functionality been removed from the Eufy app?


It’s the other way around. One wired doorbell can support up to four chimes.
And you cannot connect a camera to it.

If you’re not interested or have no need for a HomeBase, look into the SoloCams they work with the App no HomeBase needed.

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Thanks for clarifying! I probably should have got the Doorbell with Homebase in hindsight. I’ll look into the SoloCams, thanks!

Forgot to mention also look at the wired Outdoor Cams, they are permanently powered by a USB adapter with 20 ft of cord. If you go with that you’ll have to think about for the placement of the cam and an indoor outlet / where you can snake the cord indoors or a weather tight outdoor receptacle.
SoloCams: a bit easier… solar powered; will want a good location where it can receive sunlight.
Non solar powered; will have to take it down every so often to charge it.

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