Doorbell Camera

The doorbell camera looks great, feels sturdy and when initially set up I was worried about a nearby wall but with the provided wedge it helped a lot.
The issues I have with it are:
-the video quality at times hazy and not so clear and having to refocus quite frequently(most recent updates installed, clear look with no obstacles/obstructions in the way, day time, plenty of light)
-the app loads slow(at times when the doorbell is rung it keeps loading and person leaves before I’m able to respond through it)
-the motion sensor is set to highest but a lot of the times I find the clip isn’t recorded or recorded late(unless they walk really slow and stop mid way)
-night time mode not as clear as I thought it would be(plenty of background light)

I’m thinking of returning item.


Hi bzeko,

Good to hear the doorbell is to your liking to some degree, sad to hear that it isn’t at the same time. I’d like to go into the points you provided and put my perspective on them.

  • refocus: what I think you’re seeing is the clarity of the video. You probably have the steaming quality set to auto. This is not uncommon with wireless connections. I don’t think the cams focus.
  • slow loading: how’s your setup? It could be the WiFi at home, or cellular connection that slows down the streaming. It does not always have to be the doorbell or eufy. Many factors at play here, not all visible to the naked eye unfortunately :confused:
  • motion sensitivity: so I’ve read that when there are many frequent motions the handling of those motions is toned down to save battery. The effect of this is that it could be the case that the motion was not recorded. In my setup, depending on the weather, I change it between 1 and 2. I feel like the actual sensitivity is between the two. Try to work with lower sensitivities and the activity zone to increase chances of motion being picked up
  • night time: agreed. It isn’t that great, but then again, most sensors aren’t within the realm of direct competitors. Time for more starlight sensors, hopefully Wyze set a good example for the others!

Ultimately it’s of course up to you to return it. If the tweaks to the settings have no effect and you’re still unsatisfied, you should do what feels best :slight_smile: