Doorbell camera not sensing

Not sensing motion!! Can see liveview, but it does not activate with motion!!

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Have you created the activity zone?

Are you suggesting that motion detection will be more sensitive with an activity zone selected? Even if it is the entire screen/field if view?

I was under the impression the activity zone was to help restrict the area where activity was detected not to make it more sensitive. But I can see this possible being the case: define an area you definitely want to be alerted about any motion and maybe the “AI” won’t be so aggressive at filtering out what it thinks is false positives.

I really want my 2K Battery Cam to alert on any activity with super sensitivity. I want to see what critters are roaming my yard at night. But alas, I only get hits on people despite having “All Activity” selected as the motion option.


There have been about two people on this forum who hadn’t set up activity zone and their cam were not detecting any movement what so ever. After they set up activity zone it started detecting movement. Unless they have fixed this issue now.

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