Doorbell cam doesn’t record while in live view

I happened to be in live view today (no activity was going on when I started live view). While I was viewing a person walked up the stairs and to my front door. The doorbell did not record this. Seems like a bug to me. Is this normal?


Yes it’s normal. Eufy said while live viewing it won’t record or get any notifications. Hopefully they will have for it in future update as an option.


In live view mode, you can hit the record button if you see anything you’d like to capture

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Hello @Oggyboy The problem I have is that when I get a notification the “someone has been spotted” on my camera I initiate a like view. If there was someone on my property that shouldn’t be there I would yell at them and sound the siren. Then call the police. During all of that I don’t have any footage of the event except until I started a live view. Clearly my first thought is not to hit the record button. I’m hoping that Eufy will soon release an update in which they cameras will still record after you initiate a live view.


If the person does not press record when viewing live and there are multiple accounts they may miss the event.

Would be nice to have the option in the app to switch on so when viewing it still trigger the record if detection is detected while viewing live.


The AI should decide to auto record in live view so that you have a copy while watching live and using microphone or siren. I’ve also noticed on my battery video doorbell that when I use play a greeting I can’t hear it and on play back recording same problem.


I just installed a Eufy doorbell and just witnessed my first experience of the darn thing not recording while doing a live view. One would think it should record by default if motion is detected whether viewing live or not. It would be better to have a button one can push not to record when live viewing rather than having to push a button to record. That is a backwards setup they have if you were to ask me. A person shouldn’t have to stop and think what to do in the middle of watching live footage. What if a gun is witnessed, will a person think to take the extra step to push the record button in order to record the event? Come on Eufy! Where is the common sense in the design for using the product for security use? I am surprised the class action lawsuits aren’t already on the table.


This is franckly ridiculous that this 200$ device can’t do what every cheap 20$ camera have been able to do for last 10 years.

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If you enable the Alexa Skill to display Live View on doorbell press with the Echo Show, doing so kills the recording also. Meaning, if you are away from, Live View will play on the Echo Show device and you will NOT get a recording of the event.

If you want EUFY to save recordings, then better to NOT integrate with Alexa. That’s another win for the RING.


Thanks for the heads up… this is a massive oversight by eufy. Hopefully they can resolve this through a firmware update