Doorbell and Side cameras not recording 4 AM deliveries

We’ve been noticing both our Doorbell, and the camera on the porch are not recording or notifying of motion activities between 3-6 AM. We set the sensor on the highest level and set the specific parameters. The reason we noticed it’s not recording anything is, We started a dairy delivery service, and was excited to find out when they maybe delivering. Anyway we already had 2 deliveries on our porch pretty much in front of the doorbell camera. Both times we have no alerts or recording of deliveries. When we check the box, we have our items in the box on bag of ice. So the systems are clearly not doing anything at those hours when we need the watchful eyes of these cameras. We get notifications of 1 am activities when bugs or animals detected in our yard. But also don’t remember seeing anything after 1 am.
Any ideas or suggestions on what other settings we might be missing to capture the early dawn activities?