Doorbell 2k Pro

Hey guys,

I ordered a Eufydoor bell 2k (wired) recently but alas its going back to amazon/eufy within the trial period. I love it BUT as soon as I found out the bestbuy had a “pro” version with 32Gb eMMC and 24x5 live recording I decided that is something i want…

alas I cant order one from the US (Shipping+import charges too much) and it s not sold in UK :frowning: :frowning:

Will the Pro (32gb wired) be available here in Europe?
Will eufy provide 24x7 cloud recording functionality soon?? even on a subscription would be fine?

I like how that version has 5-Day Continuous Video Recording. Has anyone used this functionality yet? How does it work? What if you want to save clips longer than 5 days?

That’s definitely a nice feature

For this product,it is a tailor-made product for US bestbuy, I did not see any plan they will sell in UK. Sorry…

you will have to back up your recordings as it will over write the new videos on top of the old ones. Memory is not expandable on these doorbells. Still 32 GB is plenty compared to 4GB on the non-pro models.

Backup to where? Does it work with home base?

No, it doesn’t connect to Homebase.
To backup videos, you need to download them using eufysecurity app and save to your hard disk

Too bad… I wish all of their devices would at least have the option to work with their Homebase

The battery doorbell does connect to homebase, but the PRO is better as it has 32GB internal storage compared to 4GB on Homebase which cannot be expandable.